What is 3Xpromo?

3XPROMO is an email marketing plugin solution for programs using NATS 4.1 that will help you optimize the revenues from your ex-members email lists. Email marketing has been a proven method for years to generate income. If you are not actively mailing your ex-members list, you ARE leaving money on the table.

3XPROMO is a 100% managed solution. Once your plug-in setup is completed, our experts will take over every aspect of your mailing and no other action will be required from you. Simply sit back, relax and wait for your checks to come in!

3XPROMO benefits

  • 100% automated. No email manipulation.
  • Full detail stats of each mailing.
  • CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • On hand dedicated customers support.
  • No time or further maintenance required from you.
  • We manage everything for YOU, you simply wait for your check!

3X PROMOoffers

  • 90/10 revshare split when we mail your websites with your lists. We only charge you 10% to mail your sites.
  • 100% commission for you when we mail a 3rd party site with your list. EX: we mail a site with a payout of 50% revshare. We give you the whole 50%. We ask the program for a regular 10% webmaster referral.
  • Traffic back to you sites. If you have sites that convert, we will send you sales from our partners!

Contact Us @info

Email:   offers@3xpromo.com ICQ:     124588249 skype:   jean.francois.laverdiere